Never once in my life have i been happy with my weight. Not once in my entire life. There’s a 20 lb difference in these photos; I can tell you one thing. I was a lot happier when I was 20 lbs heavier and I could eat without crying. I just want to be able to eat without waging an internal war with myself. Here’s to recovery, an ongoing process. 💛


to be honest i find it hard to believe that theres someone out there that would be able to spend the rest of their life with me

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I’m surrounded by people who just wanna get blackout drunk for fun. Like nah man. Let’s go camping or take a road trip or do some stuff we haven’t done before. I wanna live.

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you should have opened your eyes i was crazy for you

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I think relationships in general are over romanticized like at the end of the day I’m pretty sure a good relationship is just two people who know how to hang out and talk to each other not whether or not they can right all your wrongs or paint a picture of a thousand suns with the breath from your lungs or some shit

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Traveling is the best education. You see the world through another lens. You realize your homeland isn’t the only reality, there’s many.
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I hate when guys are like “oh you’re not one of those girls that’s going to order a salad for dinner are you?” MAYBE I AM. MAYBE I FUCKING LIKE SALADS. HAVE YOU EVEN TASTED RASPBERRY VINAIGRETTE. 

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